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Why Home Care?

Upon considering care for elderly or injured loved ones, there comes a time when care giving is a 24-hour job.  Even the most beloved of family members cannot, in good conscience, handle the care for a loved one properly for someone who needs attention continuously.  Therefore, we look to agencies and facilities for help.  In the past, nursing homes were the best we could do.  But today, the public eye sees that nursing homes are not the most we could do, they are the least.

Research has shown that the transition to institutional placement can result in family members experiencing loss of control, disempowerment, guilt, sadness and relief simultaneously, as well as a sense of failure, depression, and anxiety. '” These family stressors also can impact the relationship of family members with nursing home staff and consequently the adjustment and quality of life of the resident. (Oliver, Demiris, Henzel,2006)

Today’s best idea for long-term care patients is in-home care, or "home care".  What is home care?  Who uses it?  Who pays for it?  These questions are the first steps in understanding the company called, HisAbility Home Care.

The demand for home care has risen as insurers have driven down the length of hospital stays.  Often [patients] are going home and they are still at a very acute phase of their illness," says Melissa Bumside, managed-care division director for Bayada Nurses.  Insurance companies are often willing to authorize home care because the patient can go home sooner and home care is less expensive than a hospital stay, she says.  (njbiz,2006)

Why HisAbility Home Care?

HisAbility Home Care is a home care agency that serves cases of a non-medical nature.   For us, home care is not just a job, it's a ministry. We are a Christian-based business, ready to serve because we care. Our clientele are those who are unable to function independently, either after a debilitating accident or due to other natural causes of aging, post-surgery or general hospitalization.  This agency provides quality caregivers in our clients’ homes, who help with daily needs such as bathing, dressing, transferring, shopping, cleaning and transportation.  We are a non-medical agency, providing "non-skilled" care to our clients. Our services include cases with care levels as high as some Spinal Cord Injuries, stroke victims, M.S. and more. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Patient Care Technicians (PCT), Certified Medical Assistants (CMA) and Nurse Technicians are placed in homes for these higher level care needs.

The owner and CEO of HisAbility Home Care also uses home care herself because she has been physically disadvantaged since 1985, due to a spinal cord injury.   Using her wheelchair and home care services, Lynne Suszek has raised her five children; she also worked part-time in a credit union call center for seven years and then opened her own home care agency in 2004.  Lynne depends on caregivers for her physical needs, but manages her family and active lifestyle decisions quite independently.  Because of her experience and victorious living, she understands the process of finding good help in homes like no other agency can.  Lynne’s experience in being a recipient of care for over twenty years gives her agency an advantage over the rest.  This agency ironically has an   ability to offer services with an understanding that makes other agencies seem handicapped.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help physically disadvantaged people of all kinds achieve successful lifestyles with the help of experienced, comfortable and safe home caregivers.  We call ourselves HisAbility to set us apart from the average home care agency.  We are home care, through Christ. Our willingness to help exceeds the norm.  We understand that people have home care because they require help.  We understand that our clients’ limitations are burdensome and frustrating; we know that disabilities require patience and problem solving.   We know that some clients may need someone to be there only for precautionary reasons, so while we are there we can assist them with as many other needs inside their homes as possible.  Laundry, cooking, dishes, dusting, washing floors, errands and transportation are as much a part of our job as the client’s most personal care.  We are there to help.

Why should a person with disabilities also be burdened with hiring a maid service, grocery shoppers, transportation service and a cook when he has already hired caregivers who are with him possibly 24 hours per day? Our mission is to offer willing and dedicated caregivers ready to help with personal care first, and ready to look for ways to help our clients with a whole lot more.  We intend to provide caregivers who are not reading books or watching TV, waiting until you ask for help.  Our agents expect to be busy with our clients’ physical care first, and they will continue as long as there is something in the home to be done, as determined by the family members and the agency. Special caregiver notes are written in our office after your needs are assessed. Then we coach your caregivers to perform all tasks on these notes during their shift, which are then documented by hand, according to the times the tasks are accomplished.

Companionship can also be an important part of a clients well being. If a client is interested in Bible reading and study, prayer, card playing, makeovers, shopping, doctor’s appointments, Bingo or movies, our caregivers are happy to participate in various activities that will encourage laughter and motivation.  It is our highest goal to help those with disabilities achieve successful and fulfilling lifestyles.  We help people with the things they cannot do, so they can pursue as many other things as they possibly can.  We believe:

"He helps us in all our troubles, so that we are able to help others who have all kinds of troubles, using the same help that we ourselves have received from God" 2 Corinthians Ch 1 verse 3-4

Values Statement

We believe that helping others is the right thing to do. We believe that God rewards diligence, honesty and a willing heart. We staff professional, respectful and respectable people.  We act in the best interest of our clients as far as it is physically, ethically and financially possible to do so.  We preserve the dignity of our clients.  We promote the improvement of our clients’ ability to function independently as far as possible while ever helping with their dependent needs cheerfully and respectfully.  We believe there is no room in this company for employees who are looking for low-effort workloads, minimum challenges, TV watching and sitting quickly; we have no tolerance for employees who refuse to wash windows, cook, or will not help the family.

Code of Ethics

The Mission and Values Statement of HisAbility Home Care together with a general agreement within our company on desirable and acceptable moral behavior, we obligate our staff to observe the following standards of conduct in the performance of our work.

Obedience to the Law of the Land

All employees are to obey all laws in the performance of their work on behalf of HisAbility Home Care regardless of their personal feelings about any particular law.  Our fees are to be charged in full compliance with the relevant laws and tax regulations.  Our agency’s financial activity is to be reported in compliance with all required laws and regulations.  All employees are expected to be upstanding citizens in all aspects of their lives while on duty or off.  The conduct of our employees, including their reputations affects their employer’s reputation from their past, present and future behavior.  Their integrity must be genuine.

Discrimination and Harassment

Services by HisAbility Home care are to be carried out without regard to the race, religion, ethnicity, economic status, gender, age, sexual orientation, or physical disability of our clientele.

Whether consensual or not, sexual comments, gestures and/or favors of any kind are absolutely prohibited between staff members on duty and/or between staff members and clients.

Privacy of Information and Communication

Confidentiality in the relationship with all clients is to be respected and maintained unless serious harm to the clients, to other individuals, to the community, or the agency would be avoided by breaking the confidence.

Client privacy should be highly respected. The disclosure of client’s habits, preferences, health, conversations and interests should never reach the ears of the clients’ neighbors and visitors, the employees’ friends or other employees through staff members of Ayúda Le! Home Care Plus. Gossip of any kind is forbidden.

Staff are to disclose to the proper office personnel, only information pertinent to the care of the individual. Staff notes should account for every hour that employee is with client, telling how employee’s time was used to assist or be available to the client without exposing client to unnecessary disclosure of personal matters.

Conflicts of Interest

While friendships are encouraged between participants in the agency and between agency participants and the broader community, romantic entanglements are prohibited between agency professionals and their clients.

Staff members are not to allow personal relationships to influence decisions: regarding staff hiring and evaluation or the provision of services.

Responsibilities Toward Clients

All staff members are to honor their responsibility to the code of ethics governing their particular profession unless their professional code is in some way superseded

In general, the agency considers job responsibilities and the professional relationship between agency professionals and their clients to be primary, and no other responsibilities or collateral relationship between agency professionals and their clients are to interfere with job responsibilities or with a professional/client relationship.

Professional and Staff Responsibilities

All staff are responsible for performing their work as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Staff are encouraged to discuss any conflict between personal and professional responsibilities with their supervisor or with the executive director.

Hiring, Evaluation and Compensation

Only background information relevant to job performance is to be elicited from applicants; no other information is deemed appropriate to the hiring. In all cases, the candidate who demonstrates the greatest promise for success is to be offered the position.

Staff performance is to be evaluated fairly and honestly. Evaluation is to be based primarily on job performance and on the contribution the staff member makes to the promotion of success for Ayúda Le! Home Care Plus.

The health care field is in high demand, and this “…rapidly growing home health care industry, [is] one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S." (Massachusetts Nurse, 2006) With that in mind, competition is high in volume but in quality, not so much. At HisAbility Home Care we anticipate good things. All we have to do is beat the service quality of our competitors and our reputation will do the rest. We can do that!


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