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is our ministry Healing is our Mission

Welcome to HisAbility Home Care, (formerly Ayúda Le  Home Care Plus), where we believe in healing. From disability to His Ability, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. It is with great pleasure that we have finally combined our Christian radio/Youtube-video ministry with our ministry of home care, under one name, HISABILITY. This name best describes our focus and who we are as a service. If you've been injured or have any physical disorder, you may require assistance. As a non-medical agency, we are here to help you with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, cooking, shopping or cleaning. It is our goal to help you to be as functional as possible.

HisAbility Home Care, helps you with your personal care needs right in your home, giving you the freedom to be yourself.

For your protection our home caregivers are screened for criminal history and other safety precautions. We carefully filter through applicants and staff our company with the highest quality caregivers in Michigan. We supervise our staff carefully by using a telephony system which allows us to monitor arrivals. We believe a cheerful heart is the best medicine we can bring to you or your loved ones. Our friendliness and accountability creates an environment that caregivers and clients can enjoy and depend upon. By reviewing daily case notes, we coach our caregivers to deliver care with a willing and eager attitude in your home, while preserving our clients' privacy. We understand that needing help is not something people enjoy, so we try to make sure you feel "at home" in your own house. Let us match you with the right caregivers for you and your family. Call our office today! 734-261-1220 We happily serve southeast Michigan.

We believe that God wants everyone to be well and we will help you to heal in any way we can. We'll cheer you up and cheer you on. We will listen to your stories and take you for a stroll. We are cleaners and companions, a helping hand, someone on whom you can depend.

Owner, Lynne Suszek says Even though I’ve been injured since 1985, I do not identify myself as a “spinal-cord injured person”. I’m so much more than just a person in a wheelchair. In spite of my injury, I am firstly saved, healed and delivered through Jesus Christ! Then, by this same identity in Christ, I have successfully become the proud mother of five children and two step-children, the wife of an extraordinary husband, the owner of HisAbility Home Care, the author of the book First Wash The Inside and the host of a ministry called HisAbility. My identity in Christ has given me the “I can” mentality that keeps me going; and this attitude is contagious! Therefore I am ABLE to help others, like myself, with physical challenges, to live productive, active lives. Through my company, I CAN offer help to those who don’t know how to help themselves. After 27 years of experience with home care as a part of my life, I have learned how to provide and direct home care for people, like myself, who need help but are not done living. For those like me, who may be sitting on the outside but standing up on the inside, I CAN help you be all that you CAN be!

Check out Lynne and Mark Suszek's ministry at www.hisability.com.